Leading research commercialisation

In 2020, Deakin ranked highest in terms of equity value generated from commercialisation ($167M) amongst all universities and R&D organisations across Australia and New Zealand. In the same year, Deakin was ranked seventh for the number of active entities created, with a focus on recycling and clean energy.

Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia - Survey of Commercial Outcomes from Public Research Report 2020  (PDF, 2.8mb)

A cleaner, greener future is within REACH.

REACH – the Recycling and Clean Energy Commercialisation Hub – is Australia’s largest recycling and clean energy advanced manufacturing ecosystem.

Through REACH, Deakin University is working with governments, industry and education partners to establish a multi-billion-dollar bioeconomy in Victoria.

The Geelong Future Economy Precinct is an important area of partnership with SMEs and our communities where we are deploying our combined capital, innovation expertise and training capabilities, leading commercialisation, and creating local jobs, building on Victoria’s global reputation now and into the future

Professor Julie Owens

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research

A rapidly growing portfolio

A rapidly growing portfolio

In a few short years Deakin's business equity portfolio has grown to include 18 joint ventures and other vehicles with a market value of ~$1B. This includes projects such as FLAIM, UMS, Partington, Carbon Revolution, BNNTTL and LI‐S.

This success has been built on a strong IP pipeline, industry orientation and a unique and effective ecosystem based around our ManuFutures project and the Geelong Future Economy Precinct.

Opportunities and growth

Deakin continues to develop its research hubs and facilities, with a program of over $120M in support and investment from the Victorian Higher Education State Investment Fund (VHESIF) and industry partners, targeting:

  • Affordable clean energy - Investments to develop the hydrogen economy in Warrnambool, aligned to safe, high performance battery technology in Burwood and Geelong.
  • Revived manufacturing centre - Doubling the size of ManuFutures, enhancing the hub's capacity to support advanced manufacturing in regional Victoria.
  • Skills and innovation capital - Combining global innovations with local expertise to support a vibrant, growing and resilient SME base across Victoria.
  • Most successful regional economy - Continued investment in regional capability and capacity including flagship marine, aquaculture and water management projects.

Innovative hubs, facilities and services

Circular Economy Initiative


The Digital Futures Hub


Renewable Energy Microgrid

Carbon Nexus

AquaFI Hub


Deakin Energy

Deakin Research Partnerships

Deakin Research for Industry and Government

Institute for Frontier Materials

Opportunities under development

Circular Economy Biofactory

It is estimated by the Australian National Food Waste strategy that food waste costs our economy approximately $20B per year and results in harmful environmental emissions. This initiative will drive advanced research and manufacturing capabilities for the conversion of organic waste into valuable products and the development and validation of advanced manufacturing solutions based on ‘green’ principles.

Recycling and Clean Energy Commercialisation Hub (REACH)

Accelerating innovative recycling and clean energy technology commercialisation, the REACH project is conservatively estimated to deliver revenue of $20m within two years. This is estimated to increase to $100+m within five years, and triple again within a decade, creating 1000s of ongoing jobs and significant economic value.

Geelong Future Economy Precinct objectives

2 years

  • New technologies and products will be technically and commercially proven.
  • A growing pipeline of businesses will be ready to take advantage of  sustainable production trends and opportunities.

5 years

  • Businesses will continue to develop sustainable capabilities and products.
  • Maturing markets for green technologies and products will drive increased investment and innovation.

10 years 

  • Increased market sophistication and product development will cement our position as a global leader in sustainable energy and material systems.

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