TERI-Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre (TDNBC)

The TDNBC was established in 2011 by the Biotechnology and Bioresources Division of India’s The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in collaboration with Deakin. The Centre’s mandate is to develop innovative nanobiotechnology-based solutions to address current challenges in the field of agriculture and environment.

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Collaborative centres

Australian Centre for Infrastructure Durability (ACID)

The Australian Centre for Infrastructure Durability (ACID) provides an integrated, national platform for industry across the key sectors of oil and gas, mining, transport and structures, defence and aerospace, and water and desalination, to connect with leading researchers. ACID seeks to harness the resources and expertise of key universities to address the critical needs of these industries and promote industry growth.

Mine Alloy

The centre aims to make Australian manufacturers dominant in the multi-billion dollar mining equipment sector by training innovators to design the world’s best highly-customised long-life, wear-resistant components. MineAlloy’s research involves rapid development of customised alloys that excel in severe mining conditions, using three-dimensional printing, novel characterisation and a networked training environment. These innovations will enable much-needed efficiencies in the industry.

Centre for Resilient and Inclusive Societies (CRIS)

The Centre for Resilient and Inclusive Societies (CRIS) is a research and program based think tank consortium of eight Australian and international academic, community and industry partners - Deakin University, Western Sydney University, Victoria University, Resilience Research Centre—Dalhousie University (Canada), Australian Multicultural Foundation, Centre for Multicultural Youth, RAND Australia and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (UK). We exist to deliver research, programs and inform policies that advance and enrich our local, national and international community cohesion and resilience.

The Battery Research and Innovation Hub

The Battery Research and Innovation Hub (formerly known as BatTRI-Hub) is a unique, world-class research and innovation centre, focused on advanced battery prototyping and the commercialisation of energy storage technologies. It involves collaboration between Deakin University research in energy materials, through Deakin’s Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM), and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). The Battery Research and Innovation Hub’s expertise in key energy technologies and advanced polymer materials creates the ideal platform for optimal design and operational flexibility.

Blue Carbon Lab

The Blue Carbon Lab is an Australian research group based at Deakin University that specialises in devising ways to maximise blue carbon gains and minimise blue carbon loss.

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The Australian Future Fibres Research and Innovation Centre (AFFRIC)

Formed in 2013, AFFRIC is a collaboration between Deakin University and CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering. The $103 million initiative is supported by the Australian and Victorian governments. It increases the research capacity of CSIRO and Deakin to service the fibre, textile, composite, automotive and aerospace industries. AFFRIC also assists in the translation of research into end-user applications.

ARC Future Fibres Hub

The ARC Research Hub for Future Fibres is an Australian Research Council (ARC)-supported initiative, which strives to accelerate the transformation of the Australian manufacturing industry. It focusses on developing novel fibre technologies to facilitate more sustainable, advanced manufacturing of fibre materials and products that will address significant global issues, including reducing our environmental footprint and improving public health and wellbeing.

Geelong Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases (GCEID)

The Geelong Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases (GCEID) 'One Health' approach delivers innovative research outcomes, providing practical solutions to the risks posed by emerging infectious diseases to our region, nationally and internationally. GCEID combines specialised research facilities and highly skilled staff to combat infectious diseases through a collaborative, multidisciplinary partnership between Deakin University, Barwon Health and CSIRO – Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL).

ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES)

At the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES), we turn our fundamental knowledge of cutting-edge materials into the next generation of ‘smart devices’ for the benefit of the community. But what exactly does that mean? We think of a smart device as a game-changing application, utilising the advanced materials we make in our laboratories to create new health and energy solutions that improve people’s lives.

Food & Mood Centre

The Food and Mood Centre is a collaborative research centre led by Deakin University in Australia. We are a multi-disciplinary team studying the ways in which what we eat influences our brain, mood, and mental health. This centre is unique. It is the only centre specifically focusing on Nutritional Psychiatry research. The centre performs cutting-edge research to identify new and effective approaches to the prevention and treatment of mental and brain disorders. We hope that the information on this website will help your understanding of the topic and help you to make positive improvements to your own nutrition and mental health.

Cultural Heritage Asia-Pacific Group

Our group specialises in the fields of museum and heritage studies with a special focus on the Asia–Pacific region.

Philosophy and the History of Ideas

The Philosophy and the History of Ideas (PHI) Affiliated Research Team is one of the largest centres of its kind in Victoria.

International Research Network on Multiculturalism

The International Research Network on Multiculturalism (IRNM) is an academic forum aimed at promoting a multicultural research agenda.

Middle East Studies Forum

The Middle East Studies Forum (MESF) is a network of world-class researchers and educators hosted by the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation at Deakin University in the field of Middle East and Central Asia studies and languages.

Politics and International Studies (POLIS)

Polis is a research network of Political Science and International Relations scholars who seek to understand and interpret political phenomena, driven by a willingness to move beyond traditional conceptual and empirical boundaries.

Science and Society Network

The Deakin Science and Society Network reaches across the disciplinary divides of our universities and institutions, and the divides between research, policy and practice.

Excellerate Australia

Bringing the automotive industry forward with groundbreaking research.

Energy Pipelines CRC

The mission of the Energy Pipelines CRC (EPCRC) is to provide the Australian energy pipeline industry with the technology necessary to extend the life of the existing natural gas transmission network.

Innovative Manufacturing CRC

We are a Cooperative Research Centre that helps Australian companies increase their global relevance through research-led innovation in manufacturing products, processes and services

Global Obesity Centre

The Global Obesity Centre (GLOBE) is a research group based in the Centre for Population Health Research at Deakin University. GLOBE is a designated World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for Obesity Prevention.

Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre

D2D CRC brings together researchers and industry to tackle the Big Data challenges that face Australia's national security agencies.

Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes

The Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes is the first national research centre internationally, dedicated to investigating the behavioural, psychological and social aspects of people living with diabetes.

Western Alliance Academic Health Science Centre

Western Alliance was established in 2014 to improve the impact, quality and quantity of health research, education and training in the western region.

Australian Centre on Quality of Life

The Australian Centre on Quality of Life (ACQol) was established to study evidence-based measures for quality of life.


HOME is a research centre with a single core aim: A Home for all.

MinD Lab

The MinD (Mediated Intelligence in Design) Lab is a practice-based and trans-disciplinary research group that explores how design and technology can innovate for an agile, adaptive, responsive, and intelligent ecosystem. Through close partnerships with industry and research networks, MinD Lab explore new models of imagining, creating and operating for a socially inclusive, and economically and environmentally viable built environment.


SPARK seeks to create a life-changing hub for Deakin students, staff and alumni, that connects them to the world-wide startup community.

WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Literacy

Deakin University has launched the WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Literacy – its second World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centre.

Infrastructure Futures Research

Experts across Deakin University will come together to tackle complex problems as part of two cross-disciplinary teams receiving substantial support from Deakin’s new Cross Collaboration scheme, recently renamed the Research Network Scheme.

Live+Smart Research Lab

The Live+Smart Research Lab is a multidisciplinary research hub that focuses on applied research for a rapidly urbanised world. The vision of the lab is to investigate real problems around rapid urbanisation and the decline of rural areas.

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