Reach your full potential with a Deakin postgraduate degree

Whether you want to take the next step in your career or explore a new direction, a Deakin postgraduate degree can help you reach your goals. Postgraduate study helps you to deepen and broaden your skill set, and can help you to stand out to employers in a crowded job market. A postgraduate degree shows employers that you are passionate about both your field of interest and about your own personal development.

Many of our degrees are industry accredited, which means future employers, professional associations and universities around the world will recognise your qualification. Opportunities for hands-on learning such as industry placements will help you gain valuable work experience, and you will be able to practice your skills using professional equipment in our state-of-the-art learning facilities.

Deakin’s curriculum is informed by the best in industry and the cutting edge research we undertake. Our degrees are taught by leading researchers and professionals with many years of experience in industry. Postgraduate study is also a fantastic way to develop and strengthen valuable industry connections with your lecturers, tutors, and fellow students.

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Types of postgraduate degrees

Masters by coursework

Deakin masters by coursework programs are typically 18 months to two years full time, or up to four years part time. Many degrees allow you to choose a ‘specialisation’ – the area of study from which you choose the majority of your units. Studies are completed mainly through coursework, with a thesis or major project completed in the last part of the degree.

Graduate certificates and graduate diplomas

Graduate certificates are usually one trimester in duration and are designed to add practical and vocational skills to your undergraduate degree, diploma or previous work experience. Graduate diplomas are usually two trimesters in duration. They are designed to build on the understanding and skills developed during a graduate certificate, or from work experience.

Masters by research

A Deakin masters by research program takes two years full time to complete, and can serve as a prerequisite to applying for PhD studies.

For a masters by research degree, you will be allocated a dedicated research supervisor.

Doctoral programs (PhD)

Doctoral programs are between two and four years full time and are the highest degree available in academia. PhD students conduct original research in order to progress their chosen field. People choose to do PhDs if they want a career in academia or if they want to reach higher levels in their non-academic jobs.

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Deakin alumni discount

If you have completed previous study at Deakin, you could be eligible for our alumni discount. This bursary offers a 10% reduction per unit on your enrolment fees if you choose to study a postgraduate award course with Deakin.

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Entry requirements

Deakin postgraduate degrees have academic, language and visa requirements that you will need to meet in order to gain entry into your chosen degree. But don't worry if you don't meet some of the academic or language conditions straight away – we can still help you find a pathway to study with us.

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Discover research at Deakin

Deakin University's internationally recognised research is concentrated on the most important global challenges. With top minds, world-class facilities and international networks, we test, refine and develop sought-after innovations that improve the lives of individuals, business and communities.

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Article: Top 3 reasons why you should consider further study

Whether you are currently studying or trying to make your way in the workforce, you may be thinking about what the next step should be towards fulfilling your goals. Postgraduate study could help you reach those ambitions.

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Explore by study area of interest

If you know the area you would like to study, or if you have narrowed it down to a few, it is easy to research your degree options by study area.

Our study area pages explore subjects in more detail, and can help you understand the difference between related degrees.

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